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Pause + Connect Self-Care Toolkit: 12 Days of Crystal Magic to help you live your best life

A bright and radiant 12-piece countdown calendar style box with crystals, inspirational messages, and action steps for a self-care journey. The packaging features metallic gold foil accents and a modern graphic design.

Product features:

-how to use crystal magic-tools included for observing your brilliant mind -how to practice mindfulness

-look up, look down: integrating cosmic experiences with inner world experiences


12 stones: 1 natural clear quartz point: 1"-1.25" 11 Stones, .75"-1" each: -1 optical calcite - Icelandic spar (rough) -1 peach moonstone (polished) -1 citrine (polished) -1 sandstone (rough) -1 rose quartz (polished) -1 Xiuyan jade (polished) -1 fluorite (rough) -1 amazonite (rough) -1 blue calcite (rough) -1 amethyst (polished) -1 black tourmaline (rough)size: 8.75"L x 6.75"W x 1.5"H

Pause + Connect 12 Day Self-Care Crystal Toolkit

SKU: G5051
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