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Our Team

At Ascension Wellness, our highly trained and licensed team of professionals has over 10 years of experience dedicated to providing top-notch care. We continually research and educate ourselves on the latest techniques, modalities, skincare products, treatments, and equipment to maximize benefits for our clients. 



Possessing a natural healing touch discovered at the age of 5, Joan has a family heritage tied to the Filipino practice of Hilot, attributed to her grandfather.  

Graduating from the Academy of Massage Therapy in 2009, she blends techniques learned from seasoned instructors to create tailored sessions. Her meticulous nature ensures clients depart feeling notably rejuvenated and at ease. 

Acknowledged for exceptional performance in prior workplaces, she swiftly expanded her client base, distinguishing herself as a highly sought-after massage therapist. 

At Ascension Wellness, the top priority is providing excellent customer service to ensure clients feel satisfied and trust their experience after the session. 


Her certifications encompass a range of massage modalities such as:

Deep Tissue
Hot Stone
Medical Massage
Thai Stretching
Lymphatic Drainage

Graston Technique



Nicole, a 2021 graduate from the American Institute for Massage Therapy, holds 8 years of medical experience in nursing homes, hospitals, and doctor's offices as a Medical Assistant. She finds immense satisfaction in aiding others.

With an avid interest in continuous learning Nicole prioritizes skill development to enhance her client care. Utilizing various massage techniques, such as deep tissue, Swedish relaxation, lymphatic drainage, trigger point therapy, cupping, scraping, light stretching, medical message, and myofascial release, she tailors her approach to each individual's needs. Specializing in sports and medical message, she's drawn to holistic and energy work and plans to expand her knowledge in aromatherapy, crystal healing, and Reiki.


Nicole's expertise includes:

 Sports injury management

Positional release for sports massage

Medical massage assessment and treatment


Gua sha 



In 2019, a simple New Year's resolution to wash her face nightly sparked a significant change. Despite initially being unsure about skincare, she delved into researching products and ingredients, gradually understanding what worked best for her skin.  With constant care and increased knowledge, Karley's skin flourished, drawing complements and queries about her routine. 

Motivated by these changes, she decided to enroll in Esthetics school, where she gained comprehensive knowledge about skin, ingredients, and effective practices. 

This experience ignited a passion for skincare that she now loves sharing with clients, guiding them to personalized routines for their skin's well-being and witnessing the radiant transformations.

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