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The Team

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Our Team

At Ascension Wellness, we are proud of our professionally trained and licensed staff. With over 10 years of experience, we are committed to giving our client’s the best care.  We are consistently researching the latest techniques, modalities, skin care products, treatments and equipment that helps benefit our client. 



I've always had a healing touch since the age of 5 years old, often asked by my Aunt's to massage their scalp, hands & shoulders.


It was only a few years ago when my Mother told me that my Grand-Father would heal family members through massage in the Philippines which is called Hilot.


 I graduated from the Academy of Massage Therapy in Jersey City, NJ in 2009. I customize each session with techniques I've learned from various teacher's who have been doing Massage for over 30 years.


I am very critical & detail-oriented when it comes to making sure each client leaves feeling better and more relaxed than when they came in.


I've been given awards in past work places for not only being a highly requested Massage Therapist, but able to re-book new clients & clients who haven't been in awhile which helped build my clientele faster than other Massage Therapist's & Esthetician's I've worked with.


Customer Service is #1 for us in Ascension Wellness. As Professional's, it's important that you trust us and  feel that your session was worth it when you walk out.


Deep Tissue
Hot Stone
Medical Massage
Thai Stretching
Lymphatic Drainage



Nicole is a 2021 graduate of the American Institute for Massage Therapy. She has 8 years of medical background working in nursing homes, hospitals, and doctor’s offices as a Medical Assistant and finds it very rewarding to help others feel better. Nicole has additional training in sports injury management, positional release for sports massage, medical massage assessment and treatment, kinesiotaping and gua sha tools.

Nicole enjoys learning and continuing to develop her skills to better help her clients. As a massage therapist she uses a variety of techniques to cater to each individual's needs, including: deep tissue, Swedish or relaxation, lymphatic drainage, trigger point, cupping, scraping, light stretching, medical massage, and myofascial release. She specializes in sports massage and medical massage. 

Nicole finds holistic and energy work intriguing and looks forward to furthering her education in aromatherapy, crystal healing, and Reiki. 



Christel has a Ph.D. in Holistic Health and a Certification in Reflexology from the Institute of Reflexology in New York City.

She has additional certifications in:
Herbology, Iridology, Massage Therapy, and Reiki.  Christel has been practicing Reflexology for 15 years. She also enjoys painting, reading, traveling and TaiChi.


She lives in Hunterdon County with her two Maltipoos, Ellie and Simon.



Kelly is Licensed New Jersey Esthetician & Certified Makeup Artist. She has been in the skincare and beauty industry for 8 years. 


Kelly’s goal is to make every client leave with glowing skin and more confidence in their own skin. With product recommendations, at home skincare routines and follow up spa appointments, Kelly will help you transform your skin! She specializes in hydrodermabrasion facials, microdermabrasion facials, acne facials, extractions, LED light therapy and many more! Kelly is passionate about skin and helping you reach your skin goals! 



In 2019 I made a simple New Year’s resolution to wash my face every night before bed no matter what!


Seems so silly and small but I was so bad and lazy with my skincare routine and then I’d become disappointed when I didn’t see results (from my lack of effort). I kept my resolution and signed up for one of those monthly subscription boxes of skincare/makeup/hair products. I wasn’t sure what to do with all of it when I got it. I had no knowledge of what products/ingredients were for what or even what would benefit my skin type.


I didn’t even know what my skin type was! I started to become invested in learning and researching all the different products I was receiving each month. Naturally after a consistent skincare routine and becoming more knowledgeable about what works best for me, my skin started to reap the benefits.


I was constantly getting compliments on my skin and asked questions about what I was doing differently to achieve it. After some contemplating and talking it over with family and friends I decided to take a leap of faith and enroll in Esthetics school.


There I learned so much more than I could have ever imagined about the skin and ingredients and what works best for what. About treatments and procedures for the skin. About what to do and what not to do. It opened my eyes to the world of skincare in a way that excites me now! I love when clients come in exhausted from trying to achieve all the skin care goals and I can change their mind and help them to get on a much better routine and regimen custom based on their skin only.


They leave with that glow and a new mindset in taking care of their skin! Even better when they come back looking just as good as when they left prior because they stay consistent in it! It’s something I love and I love to share it with others!

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