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CLEANSE + ELEVATE Crystal Grid Toolkit: A 7-Part Journey with Crystal Energy, expands your horizons with the interactive experience of creating crystal grids. The innate energy of crystals is amplified by setting intentions and tapping into the sacred geometry found in crystal grids.


1 – .75″-1″ snowflake obsidian (polished)

6 – 1″L x .25″W natural clear quartz points (raw)

2 – .5″ fluorite (flat, polished)

2 – .5″ rose quartz (flat, matte)

4 – 1″L x .25″W selenite wands (raw, in shrink wrap)

1 – 7″L x 6″W printed grid template (157gsm paper)

1 – 6″L x 4″W cotton muslin bag

Cleanse + Elevate Crystal Grid Toolkit

SKU: G5086
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